Sirince school on mathematical and theoretical physics

27 August - 3 September, Nesin Mathematics Village, SIrince, Turkey


Applied methods of mathematical analysis: complex analysis, special functions

D. Diakonov

Applied methods of mathematical analysis: integrals, differential equations

K. Bazarov

1. Сomplex integrals 

2. Steepest descent method 

3. Airy function 

4. Spherical harmonics 

5. Legandre functions

Introduction to General Relativity: Black Holes and Wormholes

P. Anempodistov

1. Point particle in curved spacetime. Tensor analysis. Equations of motion for a particle in curved spacetime.

2. Riemannian geometry.

3. Einstein-Hilbert action. Einstein equations, their linearization.

4. Solutions of Einstein equations. Black holes. Motion of particles in black hole background.

5. Wormhole solutions.

Gauge theory and solitons

E. Musaev


Quantization methods

K. Gubarev

1. Setup of quantization problem. Canonical quantization.

2. Dirac approach to constrained systems.

3. Path integral quantization.

4. Deformation quantization.

5. Geometrical quantization.

Introduction to Supersymmetry

L. Astrakhantsev

1. Supersymmetry algebra

2. Superspace and Superfields I

3. Superspace and Superfields II

4. Wess-Zumino model

5. Sigma-model and Yang-Mills theories

Quantum effects in external fields

E. Akhmedov, A. Morozov

4. Particle currents created by external fields (two lectures)

Lecture notes and problems1

Lecture notes and problems2